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Tre 36 gang a ruthless gang from Winston Salem willing to do anything there is .Tre 36 are real as niggas willing to protect there hood from any enemy or rat.Tre 36 wear the colors red and black they enemy is (OST 15 Oak Side Turf 15) they call Ost Fool because they to stupid to fuck wit tre 36 and tre 36 leader is smokey they down to bang and they do what they wont its fuck the cops And Tre 36 stand for there area code (336) tre 36 Gang Now represent The North side NOT the east side and Tre 36 gang Symbol is Stewie head with 3 tear drops and Tre 36 in the middle of his forhead But Tre 36 is still there own gang they are NOT affiliated with Nortenos or bloods
Silent Ayy yo dog i saw this fool walkin in our hood

Slim ayy lts go kill this nigga fool aint walking in our town let these nigga know what that Tre 36 Gang Bout
by NurthSida March 12, 2013

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