5 definitions by Nugget06

It’s the best, and funniest, names of all time. Here are the best:
Jack Goff
Eric Chin
Mike Oksmall
Farr King
Tess Tickles

Ben Dover

Hugh Janus (or Jass)
Jack P. Ness
Dixie Normous

Chris P. Bacon
Sir Curm Sission

Mike Rotch
Gabe Itch
B.J. Hardick
Sam Sung

P. Ennis
Whet Faartz
Chew Kok
Wayne Kerr
Wang Phat
Will U. Suckminuts

Nas T. Ho
Mi Dik Gon
Ray Phuh
Phuk Kieu
Rae Piste

Ophelia Balls
Neil Anblowme
Anita Fuch
Ana Linjector

Anna Bortion
Moe Lester

Hue G. Rection
Phil McKracken
Jenny Taila

Jenna Tolls
Hi Dave! What should my Kahoot Names be?”
“Try Mike Hunt
by Nugget06 December 14, 2020
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Greasy windows is what you get after spending hours staring at a computer screen or reading, and your vision goes a bit blurry.
by Nugget06 January 19, 2021
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Pancake (or crêpe) skin is what you get when you age and your skin looks wrinkled and gets liver spots. It closely represents that of the surface of a crêpe.
Person 1: Which one is your mum?
Person 2: The one with the pancake skin.
by Nugget06 January 19, 2021
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When you are really angry but laugh or smile it off.
"Looks like Peter is having the smiley fumes!"
by Nugget06 January 19, 2021
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Hankenbert Buffberry is the guy who sniffs glue and calls random women ‘mummy’. He also doesn’t like to cook his eggs because he claims cooked eggs makes your skin twitch and move in a jerky manner whenever you burn your toes on criminal hair particles.
“Peter, have you seen Hankenbert Buffberry?”

No sorry Margaret, he’s too busy eating raw eggs and sniffing glue”

“Ah, typical.”
by Nugget06 July 4, 2020
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