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A game with average graphics, that brags to be the most realistic WW2 strategy game out there, but fails to deliver. It gives units unlimited ammunition, extreme health (or very low accuracy), And has bullets curving around corners.

Overall it is far over-hyped, and will never beat "Men of War" in realism.
Company of Heroes flaws, where Men of War (The MORE realistic strategy game) is more realistic.

Tanks take multiple *penetrating* shots to kill, and have a health bar.

One squad of 3 people can commando their way through an army, since superhumans exist. Right?

Poor fog of war system with no camouflage (other than for snipers)

Shows the war from only the view of Germany, USA and Britain (forget about the countries that contributed less, but it left out major countries such as Japan and the Soviet Union)
by NuclearTerrorist March 5, 2010
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