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n. pl. conpiracies

1. An agreement by pirates to perform acts against a specific target.
2. A series of acts performed by conpirates.
3. Law; an agreement between two or more pirates to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
4. A joining or acting together on a pirate ship, underneath the crow's nest, as if by sinister design.
1. The men sailing under the Jolly Roger conpirated to sack the coastal town.

2. In the port of Tortuga, conpiracies abound, as drunkards stagger the streets thinking illogically.

3. Hook and Smee enlisted Tinker Bell's help, creating the most menacing and powerful conpiracy in all of Neverland.

4. The conpiracing of the boatswain and the cook to overthrow the captain never seemed to lead anywhere.
by Not_Adam April 05, 2010
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