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A pseudo-psychological term used by men with inferiority complexes to assert that they are both outside of social hierarchy, but somehow simultaneously on top of it. Based on the false belief that wolves fall, within a state of nature, into a rigid hierarchy of "Alphas", "Betas",, "Gammas", etc., "Sigma Male" is a term used to denote someone who is equal in rank to "Alphas", but has traits common of social rejects with high senses of self worth and narcissism.
-I don't need to go to bed, Mom, the man on YouTube told me that I am a Sigma Male!

-Women keep rejecting me, it can't be that I'm unlikeable or creepy, it must be that I'm a Sigma Male -- so smart and cool, that it makes them anxious.
by NotCringeGuy January 26, 2021
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