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Sony's newest gaming system. Prone to critisism and flat out flaming from biased retards who don't know shit.

The PS3 works great, it costs 500$, Really the only good games it does not have is Halo3....Lets compare...

PS3 v.s Wii: PS3 has a social network,PS3 actually has 3rd party games. With the Wii you get to burn about 2 calories a day...

PS3 v.s Xbox360:Playstaion Network is FREE and it works just fine(so long as you have a WORKING Internet connection)
PS3's social network is not full of cussing 12 year olds. The Xbox360 gets most of the good games (Although about EVERY game released for it can be played on the Personal Computer)
"The only game you can play on the Play Station 3 is like Ridge Racer 'n stuff" Said the idiot

The guy replied with "That's not true, you can also play Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Armored Core 4, CoD4, the Orange Box and much, much more."

"Home...'nuff said"
by NotBob3k June 14, 2008

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