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2 definitions by NortheastTST

Far out, highly overrated, overpriced and now overcrowded beach town of small houses, telephone lines, traffic jams ruined by LA wannabes, greedy speculators, sleazy New York types and fools from the city who since 1980 paid through the nose thinking they were escaping problems. Considering circa 1960 clean, blond surfers, easy living - 2013 cheesy people pretending they are rich, trashy Hollywood types, and their children pretending they are Rap artists.
You going to Malibu, CA? To do what?

Drive through to Santa Barbara.
by NortheastTST July 3, 2013
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A once elegant very wealthy and sophisticated city, with a famous waterfall, now run into the ground by ignorance, politics and false hope. Pictures today of Falls Street, Main Street, Fourth Street, Park Place and Buffalo Avenue compared to 1880 tell the entire story.
Your family lives in Niagara Falls, NY still? No, we lived in Niagara Falls, thank you.
by NortheastTST July 3, 2013
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