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the most hottest most beautiful girls in the world. period.
The emo girl held the door open for me at school and I fell head over heels in love with her
by NormalGuyYouSholdKnow November 09, 2007

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a sadistic prick who suffers from the delusion that they are a "businessman" or "business woman" with a busy career when in reality they are just another back liner who got promoted via strategic ass kissing. Loves to treat everyone below them like crap, then complains to their friends that their busy "career" is just so stressful. Someone who wasn't intelligent enough to get an ACTUAL business career (CPA, etc). Usually an overweight ugly chick who did crappy in high school and worked at a fast food joint since her sixteenth birthday. Someone who is too ugly and fat to find a boyfriend and makes up for it by indulging in her "career".
Me: *works ass off in 120 degree heat in kitchen*
Manager: you're gonna have to fill in for the deep fryer today. Do u know how to do it?
Me: no I-
by NormalGuyYouSholdKnow November 11, 2007

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super hot 12-17 year old girl. shows up to concerts in masses. their super hot faces, makeup, cool clothes, hair and style are enough to drive any die-hard yngwie malmsteen clone to play 3 chord green day songs and like it.
punk rock chicks are the reason half these bands exist.
by NormalGuyYouSholdKnow November 11, 2007

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