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okay look alot of people think weed is a drug that will make you go completely brain dead, but i know from first hand experience that it's not. When you do it ya you tend to forget things but eventually you remember it agian and after the effects have worn off you go right back to normal. It doesnt make you an idiot who will never accomplish anything it all depends on your personality, if you are generally lazy person to begin with ya your grades will be low duhh what do you expect but i know several HUGE stoners that go to school high and still get 4.0s and it's not because they take a bunch of easy classes either! My cousin smokes all the time and you know what, she's gorgeous, great personality, perfect feonce, and she maintains an above average life, her mother is very successful and guess what she smokes weed! My father also smokes alot, he's 50 years old, has his own business, owns 4 cars, 5 boats, 3 houses, and holds the greatest partys in town! He's is loved by everyone So there just because you smoke weed you will not become a lifeless idiot, it helps for pysical as well as emotional pain, although you shouldnt smoke it just because you're depressed, me and almost all my friends smoke, some of us are honor roll students, others not so much, we are from different "cliques" and we all get along because of smoking. We are more likely to stay out of trouble when high then when we're sober. Imbrace the fact that weed is here to stay, it always will be and always has been so dont tell me it should be looked down upon and is for idiots! Now that i've finished my homework and chores i'm off to smoke so weed with my friends and injoy life. I LOVE LIFE AND I LOVE WEED!!!
Drunk: "you stonarsss are so stupid!Weed is gay ad if i see it on you i'll fcuk yo up!"
Stoner: "Chill man, it's all good!"
drunk gets in car, crashes a mile later and dies
stoner gets in car, stares at the road and concentrates so hard on the road he zones everything else out he returns safely home and lives a great and happy life!
by Normal person who loves weed! March 20, 2007
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