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1. A carefree lifestyle characterized by confidence and being cool.

2. The ability to compensate for short stature with ultra-suave moves.

3. Musical tune.
1. Joe is totally living the pug-life, he's always so chill.

2. John definitely knows how to work the pug-life, he's 5'4" and knows how to work it.

3. "Nananana na na na... it's a pug-life yo!"
by NoraS December 03, 2007
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The city of Boston located in Massachusetts pronounced in an urban Boston accent.

Used by poorly educated white people from Boston and surrounding areas.

Alternative spellings/pronunciations: Bawstan, Baustan.
I'm goin to Bwastan for the day. I'm gunna get some coffee (pronounced kwafee) at Dunkin and some donuts.

Something that someone from Bwastan would probably never say because they know better, but if they did it would sound like this: "I'm goin to pahk the cah in Hahvad Yahd." Translation: I am going to park the car in Harvard Yard. *** Please note that cars do not park in Harvard Yard. Harvard Yard is not a parking lot, it is a green and grassy area, not fitting for cars or people with Boston accents.
by NoraS February 13, 2008
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Someone who is as cute as a pug (ie. cute, but kind of ugly... in that cute way)
P: Isn't she so pugalicious?

M: No, she's not pugalicious... she's a pug-monster.

P: Nananana na na na, it's a pug-life...

M: Yo!
by NoraS December 03, 2007
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An endearing term for a person who is cute, lovable and resembles a pug.

Synonym for pug (breed of dog)
I love you pug-monster!

She is so cute; she looks like a a pug-monster.

Look at that pug-monster playing with the poodle.
by NoraS December 03, 2007
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