2 definitions by Noone1982

The strongest men in the earth, if you have any problem either in your work or in class just call him or say his name, everyone will run away from you or either do what you want.
You: Can you send me that RAR
Boss: You piece of shit, who are you and why are you asking me to send you that.
You: I am Victor Informatica
Boss: Sorry Boss...
by Noone1982 November 05, 2019
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Victor from IT, is that type of person that everyone is afraid of, better not even look him to the face, he is not someone you would like to have problems with. His arms and voluminous back could leave your head like a sheet of dina4 not to mention his fists that would leave your chest made a strainer.

If you ever hear his voice or someone spell his name you can run or do whatever he wants. If you want to stary alive.
Victor IT: Hi, can I install the app you asked for?
Boss: I'm bussy now and I hate being interrupted

Victor IT: I'm Victor from IT...
Boss: ohh shit here we go again
by Noone1982 November 07, 2019
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