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A male who spends excessive time with girls who he believes are attracted to him, while in reality are just friends or think he's cute because he's 4 feet tall. Another component of the gay friend is the act of participating in outings, events, or trips, with solely females. The decision of whether or not someone is "the gay friend" is largely based on whether or not he has hooked up with one of the girls he's spending time with. 9 out of 10 times, he has not, and likely won't in the near future; determined to be The Gay Friend. The Gay Friend is never actually homosexual, but deserves the title since he assumes a similar position(and relationship) that of a gay man would with girls. Usually summed up by; if you're hanging out a lot with a girl(s) and you're not scoring...you're the gay friend.
Isac: Hey...what do I have to do to tap Brooke's ass?
Phil: aHahah

Nate: Dude...Isac is THE gay friend
Dan: Yah, girls don't actually like him, he need's to learn that.
by Noo1 January 04, 2009
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