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The inability to complete one quest in a role playing game without accepting multiple quests along the way. The player often finds themselves two hours later delivering that letter to the next town over.
"Your RPG ADD is so severe If we lived in Skyrim I'd never send you out for a gallon of milk because it'd take you two weeks to return."

Skyward sword: "It took 3 hours to obtain the clawshot because my RPG ADD would not let me leave fun fun island until I got the special prize"

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning: "The injured Fae died of dysentery because my RPG ADD took me 5 hours to return the cure, but, I'm now the first mortal to have a seat in the house of ballads."

Fable I-III: "Theresa died of old age because my RPG ADD had me hunting gargoyles/gnomes"

Fallout III: "Thanks to my RPG ADD, peace and vegetation returns to the land before I bestow my revenge on the person who shot me and left me for dead."

Dead Island: "4 generations of survivors were raised before i got off this damn rock, as my RPG ADD fueled my need to build chainsaw baseball bats."
by NoCarrier February 19, 2012
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The mark from a fart when it is directly applied to the skin.
When I passed out, he gave me a farthickey on my arm!
by nocarrier June 25, 2007
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