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The light in the darkest, a visionary really!

An individual who is years ahead of his time. Pure chief material this sort of individual finished medical school (MD of course B/C DO’s are fucking unless) when they were 3 years of age and Ernest Shackleton studied and learned his skills from em. The perfect combination of a natural born leader and a renaissance man. They can do everything from an open heart surgery on an unborn baby while hungover over (if of course an individual of his stature even could get a hangover) and blink folded to weaving a kern mantle rope out of sand. This individual is the sort of person that instructed chick fil a on how to run a proper drive thur operation. With the work ethic of an amish wood worker there is no task this individual is incapable of. Tho many refer to this type of individual as a dragon. There has only every been one person to meant the criteria in which this word “inspiration” derived. You will know him when you meant him if, if you are ever so lucky, probably not tho.
Very impressive! Your a true inspiration.
by Night hawk - October 28, 2020

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