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If being superstitious is believing in things that aren't true, being substitious is believing in things that are true, but that very few people believe to be true.
There are many substitions, which include "It'll get better if you don't pick at it," "Sometimes things just happen," and "There are a lot of things in the world that you don't know about."

Terry Pratchett describes 71-Hour Ahmed as substitious, which "places him in a minority amongst humans."

— Taken from the page everything2.com/title/substition, explaining substition according to Terry Pratchett, who originated the term in the Discworld novel Jingo.
by Nigel Nquande March 09, 2011
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A website with web pages that are either full of links to junk, or full of links to other links to other links. Link farms contain links for popular search engine terms from search engines, such as "free games" or "free ebooks" and include these search terms in their link text. However, the page never has any actual content relevant to the search term. A link farm is a more passive form of email spam, but uses junk web pages instead of junk email.
... carrying out research on behalf of the New York Times, set out to discover when the retailer had managed to hold top spot in the rankings for almost every product-related search term going. He discovered that taking one product area alone, dresses, he was able to find more than 2,000 sites that include a reference to a dress, with that reference being a text link to {company name removed}. The majority of the sites had nothing to do with dresses, had little content, and frankly were blatantly nothing but link farms.
by Nigel Nquande February 17, 2011
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