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A member of either a spirit squad or competitive cheerleading squad. There are cheerleaders of all different ages from 5 year olds to college students and pros.

A cheerleader in the spirit squad supports their recreational/school team. These cheerleaders are the ones most likely to undergo stereotyping because they are more wellknown and in the public eye.

A competitive cheerleader competes against other schools/squads to see who's the best of the best. They partake in difficult stunts and are more likely to obtain injuries. Even though both spirit and competitive cheerleading are considered sports, this is the more difficult of the two.

Cheerleaders are often stereotyped as a popular and stupid bitch who's only on the squad to jump around in a short skirt, and look like a whore. This is not exactly the case.

Although some cheerleaders behave like this, and give the SPORT of cheerleading a bad name, many are in it for the difficulty it can present.

Believe it or not, throwing yourself backwards with no hands knowing that, if you mess up, it's highly possible you can land on your neck, is something it takes guts to do. And practice.
Jenny: Did you see Elizabeth's broken leg?
Tara: Yeah she fell out of a stunt during cheerleading practice.

Chasity: The coach found out that Jessie the cheerleader was out drinking last night.
Jenny: Yeah, I heard she got kicked off the squad.
Chasity: Well she got what she deserved.
by Nicole Harrison September 17, 2008
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