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A handshake constitutes an unspoken agreement to capture a seagull and deliver it to the other party when one party finds themselves in the presence of said birds.
Observer: "Wow, that's a rocking handshake! I can't wait 'til she gives him a seagull"

Rick: "Hey Ashlea. Thanks for the seagull. I now know how much our handshake means to you."
Ashlea: "You're welcome! I'd give you all the seagulls in all the beaches if I could."
Rick: "Gee. You are a true friend and we are both very funny and attractive."
Eavesdropper: "Hey, I was overhearing you guys talk about how funny and attractive you both are and I want you to know that it is true. Everyone says you are both very funny and attractive and the whole city of Baltimore wants you both as romantic and sexual partners but we know you can't choose us all so we are all very sad all the time."
Rick: "Thanks. That means a lot."
by NickCannon July 21, 2018

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