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The wrong way to hold a skateboard (by the trucks, with grip tape rubbing against your pants).
Typical of people who spend more time carrying their skateboard around the mall as a fashion accessory instead of actually riding it.
The poseur was easy to spot because their pants had been sanded down near the waist due to constant mall grabbing.
by Nick Sherman July 06, 2006
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Pronounced "booj" (rhymes with "luge" and "rouge").

Short for bourgeois or bourgeoisie in their more popular usage, to refer to pomp and/or snobbery typically associated with upper-class society.
That luxurious clothing boutique was a little too bouj' for my taste.
by Nick Sherman April 13, 2008
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Second hand embarrassment; when you feel embarrassed for someone else.
I felt thembarrassment for the girls who were singing karaoke but had horrible voices and didn't know the tune of the song anyway.
by Nick Sherman January 05, 2006
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A date that comes about from meeting someone online. The term is taken from the 1981 song "Computer Love" by Kraftwerk.
I'm going on a data date with that girl I met on MySpace.
by Nick Sherman May 02, 2008
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A scoffing snort; to snort in scorn. Often occurs as a reaction to an uninformed suggestion or action.

Can be used in a condescending tone, to counter an overstated compliment or, if accompanied by a smile, as an expression of dork-endearment.

Sometimes comes out in the form of a "pfff!", "please!", "tcha!" or similar exclamation.

Not to be confused with a snorting laugh (snork).
He snoffed at his proud mother's statement that any girl in the world could be his girlfriend.


The snobby veteran snoffed at the ignorant techniques of the young rookie.
by Nick Sherman October 30, 2006
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