3 definitions by Nicholi

1. A variation on a word I heard by a n00b in a bank on RuneScape. It reminded me of Pinky and the Brain. Since the game is censored, I figured I'd use it 2 express myself.
2. A word used to express utter disgust or disbelief.
3. A word used 2 replace damned or fuckin'.
1. Hey ya narfer, wat's narfin'? =p
2. OMFG, the KBDjust dropped a narfin' Dmed!
3. U r so narfin' stupid!
by Nicholi July 5, 2005
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An abbreviation for dragons, often used while chatting on Runescape.
1. Sw33t, I got 137 bronze drags for slayer!
by Nicholi July 5, 2005
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An abreviation for dragon medium helmet, used in the game Runescape.
1. Dude, I been kilin' drags all day long, and not one dmed!
by Nicholi July 5, 2005
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