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A man who has retained an obsession with sex well into his dotage, with a creepy effect on others.
Don't look at my daughter that way you fucking old updike!
by Nicholas Van Orton August 23, 2007

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A specific breed of douche that plague the wonders of Stickam.com. He has an obsessive compulsion to lie about his career, his life and his whereabouts. He has known to be an astronaut, in the military, a DJ, a Nascar driver and a masochist. Many people try and avoid the carmine because he is a pedo. Carmine's are major attention whores. They will constantly ask you whether or not you can hear them several times in a row. They tend to shun anybody they do not know unless they have breasts, or pay immediate attention to them.

Carmines also don't understand that when they do stupid things, they may be ejected from a chat room. They think they don't do anything wrong and they are ABOVE ZE LAW!!!!

They may also like furries, although there isn't specific evidence pointing to such claims.
"Hey guys. I just got back from NASA and they wanted me to fix the windows on the shuttle and everything. But I was like Screw that, so I came home to have a smoke. I am Carmine."
by Nicholas Van Orton August 22, 2007

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