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2 definitions by Nic La Rue

White suburban male, usually 16-25 years of age, hailing mostly from Orange County, CA and surrounding areas. Characterized by their love for rolling around in lifted (extreme) trucks and their over use of bandanas, black socks with shorts, spikey hair, belts with queer designs and belt buckels, SPY sunglasses, and trucker hats. Favorite bands include Kottonmouth Kings and Kingspade. The most annoying members of the dude bro family are from the 951 and 909 area codes of the Inland Empire of Southern California... but more toned down (and slightly more queer) versions can be found in Orange County (714). Favorite drinks include Budweiser and Bud Light. Catch phrases include: "DUUUUDE!!" and "Bra (Bro)." Dude Bro's seldom roam alone and can usually be found in packs of 5-10 people. Favorite sports include riding dirtbikes and monster truck rallys. Dude bros display a complete lack of originality and can quickly get on one's nerves.
While at a friend's party, my friends and I noticed a big group of dude bros rollin up together. They all looked, talked and walked exactly the same. We should have saw it coming when we saw the caravan of lifted trucks pull up.
by Nic La Rue February 9, 2005
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Often used as an insult, can also be used to describe a delicious looking booty. Similar to ba dunk-a-dunk but not necessarily meaning a HUGE ass.

A nice, round, shapely female ass.
While walking behind a fine young woman at the mall, Bygs looked down and noticed that the shorty had a super booty do.
by Nic La Rue February 9, 2005
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