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A creature from the game Disgaea.

This monster looks a lot like a penguin and often have brown poaches that often contains weapons such as, knives, bombs, etc.

They are Sinful Human souls that have been reincarnated as prinnies to repent for their sins.

Most will say "dood" at the end of every line they say but, there are some individuals who don't. Apparently law states that they have to add "dood" at the end of every line they say.

They work in the Netherworld and Celestia. They work for money in the Netherworld while, in Celestia they do volunteer work and chores such as, doing the Laundry or Washing the Dishes.

Once the prinnies have done enough work or earned enough money they are taken to the red moon to be reincarnated.
by Newfour March 22, 2012

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