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Fake people are inauthentic people they don't care about anybody but themselves they will pretend to be your friend just to get someone where and they will drop you when they realize the friendship isn't benifet to them anymore. They are also back stabbers they lie to you in your face and gossip about behind your back to other people. And they are never there for you when you really need them everytime when you are in trouble they don't care to help you they are always so quick to turn on you when situations get real and serious they want no part of it. Their fake they only care for themselves. And every time you need them it's always a excuse.
You: Hey man I was wondering I need your help I got into something I got nobody else.

Fake people: You know what man.... No I'm sorry

..... Well ok... Wow

Is everything alright?

Obviously no I just told you what happened why would you ask me if you don't care to help me that's mad fake

Well I'm sorry man we can't be apart of that.

Then I guess I brought this up to the wrong person, so you know what I came to you because I thought I was talking king to friends people who was supposed to care for me but I guess I see true colors so I realize I'm talking to fake people.
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by Neverstar June 03, 2018

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