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Morons who can't spell awesome correctly.
Mrdumbhead: Did you see that new reality tv show. it was awsome!

Mrsmarthead: You spelt awesome wrong dumbass.
by Nazu February 23, 2004

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Abbreviation for "software" as opposed to hardware in the computer world.
I got this cool underground sound card but I don't have the SW to drive it!! :o(
by Nazu March 14, 2005

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Broke Ass Nobody - originally Broke Ass Nigger, but many aren't Black so why limit? - is said of some guy who is pennyless, looks scruffy, and is generally below your personal standard.
My girls and I went to the club last night and got hit on by a bunch of very persistant BANs, we just could not get out of there fast enough!
by Nazu March 16, 2005

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