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Thmerging of the words "tounge, tight, and wet" to describe a female's genitilia. Origionating on the East coast. Usually used only when talking about performing oral to a female. Or to describe how tight a female's vagina is.
(a)Male to female...Eh I'm tryna lick dat twot...wuss good?
(b)Calvin: I heard you was wit Angel last night...how was it?
Mark: Maaaaayne she got that twot, I couldnt belive how wet she was!
by Nay December 20, 2004
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Hang-tight: In a relationship between a female and male where there MAY or may not be some type of phsyical attraction but there is definetly a type of friendly affectionate bond. Not neccesarily a girl/boyfriend but a relatively close friend. Only between two opposite sexes though...if two males become "hang-tights"...it's just gay.
2.Hang-tight can also be used as a term of affection to describe ones lover.
1.Dameon to Travis: I'm seein u wit Tiffany a lot, wuss good?
Travis: Naw man, it aint even like dat. Das my hang-tight.....
2. "Yo i love her...das my shorty, my boo, my hang-tight. Das bouts to be wifey soon.
by Nay August 24, 2004
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