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A Brown haired youtuber named Ethan Nestor or his youtube username Crankgameplays, that is the former editor of Mark Fischbach, or better known as Markiplier. As of Feburany 11, 2019 he has 682,567 Subs. He was known as well as doing a backflip at 2014 Paxs and was named as the 'backflip guy'.
Fake Fan: I love watching Crankgameplays.
Real Fan: Yeah, isn't Ethan great?
Fake Fan: Who is Ethan?
Real Fan: It's Crankgameplays real name..? How long have you been watching him?
Fake Fan: Two years
Real Fan: Yeah, I doubt that you have or you would have known his real name by now.
by NathanPrescott February 11, 2019
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