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Laughter that sounds similar to that of The Joker. The laughter should only be used upon commiting an act of indecency. Such as: Physical harm inflicted upon yourself or others, an epiphany that revolves around chaos, destruction of public property, or a sight of morbid hilarity.

Should also be used in public to either irritate people to the brink of insanity, or to discomfort insecure people who will look at themselves upon hearing laughter.

The laugh can be:
a low pitch "Ho-ho-ha-ha"
a half sob, half laugh "A-ha-ha-he-he-hew-hew"
a high pitch "A-HE-HE-HE-HA-HA"
a screaming "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
When I fell off my bike and landed in mud after the breaks give out and I'm covered in blood, I emitted a Joker Laugh that lasted for an hour, to the annoyance of my companions, oh how they are sour(True story)
by Nathan Etilredneh July 01, 2009

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By far the most badass character in Gears of War 2 if not the whole series. He is also the only Southern Islander seen so far in the series.

Sure he killed himself, but it was only because he was tired of mortal life.
Tai Kaliso survived when his rig exploded and his whole squad died, need I say more?
by Nathan Etilredneh July 07, 2009

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An idiot who makes up conditions to make themselves seem more important than what they are, or they more than likely use pre-existing conditions.
Steve: I'm insane, did you know that?
Joe: Dumbass, it is impossible to declare yourself insane
Steve: What?
Joe: To be insane, you lose all concept of judging sanity, which you claim you no longer have, so it is impossible to declare insanity, you conidiot
by Nathan Etilredneh July 12, 2009

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