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Before having sex with a virgin, stick an egg in her vag. As you're fucking her, you scramble up that egg and beat it up real good. When you're done, pull out but have a skillet underneath her vag to catch the bloody, scrambled up egg. Cook it up and enjoy thoroughly!
I was hoping our first time we could try the Transylvanian Pouch to make it special.
by Nate807 April 25, 2007
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Having sex with a girl that has a glass eye, as you pull out, rip the glass eye out of the socket and cum in her empty eye socket and replace the glass eye.
Tim: Hey you guys remember Tina?
Guys: Yeah...isn't that the bitch with the glass eye?
Tim: Yeah, I gave her the Mcflurry last night and she loved it!
by Nate807 April 25, 2007
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