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I gotta correct some misconceptions about PV. Yes, it's affluent, but it's not nearly as showy and plastic as, say, Beverly Hills or Brentwood. It has a very small town feel. And yes, it has no night life, but we like it that way. It's quiet. It has trees. It has nature. It has wild animals. It has few street lights. We live here because we hate downtown LA, Orange County, and other concrete overly developed jungles. It's a beautiful oasis in a sea of ugly cities. We get the benefits of both worlds. We can leave The Hill into the lower cesspool for whatever we need, but can return back to the sweet peace. PV rocks.
Bottom line, if someone wanted to be a show-off and flaunt their wealth to the masses, Palos Verdes ain't the place they would do it. Most of the people are very down to earth and nice in my experience.
by Nairebis May 18, 2007
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