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2)Aka: Satans lair

3)A high school which is run by the devil himself. An unfortunate group of +- 300 students are enslaved each year and forced to cope with non-stop bitching and prepubescent adults with severe ego issues

4) A building that has been filled to the brim with arrogant, rich, anorexic, slutty, conceited, pot-smoking individuals who believe they have a future in this world when in fact, most of them do not. And most of them wear preppy clothes, such as Abercrombie or Hollister and consider themselves to be wealthy. These students then harass and pick on the more unique individuals, who complain to the staff, and guess what? Nothing is done about it.

5)A school with some of the most painfully inept teachers and staff who don't give a damn about students harassing each other or wearing slutty clothing since Minotti left the building.
Mike: So what school do you go to?
Rick: Taft Highschool
Mike: Say hi to Satan for me
by NSYNCRW2 August 05, 2011

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