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(prounounced: like the baseeball glove;mitt...a MIT)noun, adjective...or verb like "M.I.Tty": moms in track suits; referring to a mom who often wears Juicy Coutoure etc. etc. or is very preppy and overly nice (aka annoying) social club mothers, country club moms, rich, lots of pink and green :-) associated with preppy,rich>>>>>>an offensive term
(sometimes used without the .S if used as singular to avoid confusion and also no extra s is added if used as plural)
(I use this to describe mothers of other kids in my sister's very preppy, rich, school) "Of course she is a M.I.T(.S); look at her daughter!" "That is such a M.I.Tty mom." "Look at all of the M.I.T.S going to play country club tennis!"
by NONAMO May 02, 2006

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