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An untalented she-male with a fucked up fanbase.
Lady Gaga is a Female born with testicles.

When asked if she was a man or woman, she answered. "i am what you think i am". Well in that case you are a man!

Lady GaGa is a fearless man who took on the position of represented trans-sexuals on a celebrity level.
Man 1: I heard Lady GaGa was a man
Man 2: So did I!, lets find out at a concert!
Man 1: Good idea.
.....while at the concert.
Man 1: She looks like a man
Man 2: Look! There are balls hanging out of his skirt!
Man 1: What the FUCK! Lets get the FUCK out of here!
by NH92 February 18, 2010

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When one has sexual desires for dogs, particularly for their own dog.
1. Rick was humping his dog, he must have Canisexual Syndrome.

2. The doctor diagnosed Jeff with Canisexual Syndrome.
by NH92 December 31, 2009

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When all the niggers come out to play.
Son: "The sun is setting mom"
Mom: "Its almost Night Time! Get away from that fucking window, they are coming out!"
by NH92 February 01, 2010

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