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missy elliot said it in a video or something, after she lost alot of weight...apparently that was how she expressed her happiness.

its also really fun to say
"blah blah blah blah...::change in music:: ...blah blah guh-dunk-a-dunk ::repeat::"

"-hey that word you said sounded fun"
by NAAH August 3, 2005
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Underestimated by many, naah can be used in a variety of ways. Although easiest to assume that it's slang for "no," naah is more of a mocking term. It can be used to make someone's problem seem mediocre, or to brush off a really stupid idea or person, giving you the power to make them feel worthless, which is great. Or you can use naah to make yourself feel better after hearing a stupid singers name...

and you can put it in words that would normally suck
"aw man, im having a bad hair day"

"hey, wanna go to a club tonig-"

Brittany Spears-NAAH!

by NAAH July 31, 2005
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what my mother says should be the role of the woman in a relationship.
"hunny, you rule the roost"
by NAAH August 3, 2005
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