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The greatest rock drummer ever. He was the drummer for Led Zeppelin, he was influinced by Buddy Rich(one of the greatest jazz drummers).Used a ludwig set up with a BIG band bass drum, one mounted tom, two floor toms, and a steel snare. His cymbals were all Zildjan, even his awsome gong. Also in some concerts he had two mounted Konga drums. He created a all knew way of playing drums with awsome tripplet based solos that would go on for 20 minnets.He had a crazy fast right foot, wrote some amazing songs like Mobey Dick, and When the Leve Breaks. He has inspired many to play drums(including me). He died from alcohol poisining.

R.I.P. John Henry Bonham
Wanna be drummer: Dude Stewert Copland is the greatest drumer ever!

Someone who knows what their talking about: Your dumb, John Bonham rocks harder with his pinky that Copland.
by N.@.G. February 20, 2009
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