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National Squidman Day, commemorating the return of Squidman to the HPG discord server after an almost year long hiatus.
"What day is it?"

"Why, it's June 3! National Squidman Day!
by MysticcitsyM June 3, 2021
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On December third, everyone is legally required to be unconditionally nice to each other. Anyone who fails to comply will be sentenced to three months of obsessive hugging.
"Man, I'm tired of all of these internet day thingies. Yesterday was skipping school day. The day before was about sending nudes to people who completed NNN. The day before was about stealing hoodies until someone notices. Why can't we have a day where we just do something nice for each other?"
"What if we had a day where we were all just unconditionally nice to each other? It would be called "Be Unconditionally Nice to Each Other Day."
"That sounds really difficult to say, but okay."
by MysticcitsyM November 27, 2021
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