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An animal that despite how much you love it and the fact that it doesnt do anything wrong (to it), just doesnt do the things that you want it to do. Therefore, only an afternoon's 'shitherding' could possibly convince it to do what you want it to do. This would involve pushing shit around with its nose until it had assembled it all in a nice and easy to dispose of pile, preferably clingfilmed. This would be an alternative to becoming a shish-kebab.
My dog does everything a dog does natuarally, but does not go to bed when i tell it to, only because it thinks there is something better to do. An afternoon as a shitherder would soon put a stop to that!
by My First Googlewack July 13, 2006

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A complete and utter parental semen waste.
He who, at the lack of suitable recepticals, would engage his penis with the throatal cavity of a suitably tethered animal, ideally a goat and thus becoming a Goatthroatfucker.
by My First Googlewack July 27, 2006

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