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Commonly refers to having a friend who likes to come into your house and begin demolishing things or tearing things off walls.

Generally occurs in quick fleeted trips only once or twice a year, much like having a Jeanie released from a bottle they only stay briefly and release either something good or create a whirlwind of events.

Also has a tendency to remind you that she's demolishing things as your Nearly Dead and no longer require them
"Geez Dave what's happened in here, there was some great pics on the wall before now it looks like you've been demolishing the place."

"Yeah Steve I know, Tara was over from New York and she started doing a Jeanie on me"
by Mussman February 09, 2010

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Turning 32, single, all your friends are married and reproducing, you've traveled, want to see more but are bound by societies idealism of buying a house settling down and forgetting about the world.

Plus you live in the state of Western Australia, where everyone drives slow, is scared of change and don't venture outside after dark in fear of their walking frames being stolen.
Happy Birthday mate "yeah thanks", hold on how old are you? I'm 32.

Shit dude you're single and living in Perth, you're nearly dead.
by Mussman February 08, 2010

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