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A Sabreen is just one of those people you wont be able to find in many places. A very unique person, with a great personality,sense of humor and cannot live without music in her life. A Sabreen is a truly loyal person, will always have your back, and is super trustworthy once you get to know her. You can trust a Sabreen with your life, because she wont ever tell anyone your secrets, even if her life depends on it. Bottom line; A Sabreen is totally worth getting to know. You wont regret it. She gets attached easily though, so you better take care of a Sabreen, because once you turn your back on her, don't expect her to take you back much/as easily.
"There goes Sabrina"
"Its Sabreen not Sabrina. She hates it when she gets her name misspelled 172817634726483274 times."
by Musikisme September 14, 2011
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