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Where you are now.
by MusicLover40059 June 29, 2011

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A talented musician. Who sings, plays piano, drums, and guitar. When she released her first album "Let go" in about 2000 (One of the best selling female albums at the time) she was a tomboy, skater with an edge. Her second album released in 2004, "Under My Skin" (personally, one of my favorites) she had a more you could say emo, punk more girly style, still with an edge. Now her 3rd album "The Best Damn Thing" released around 2007 she had a more girly, preppy, pop style, with edge. Her 4th album "Goodbye Lullaby" released in 2011 (this year) is a kind of pop, softer album. She says she has changed since she was a skater tomboy. That she looked up to her older brother and hung out with mostly guys. People say she found herself. That she has grown/matured. A lot of people say they like her old music, and they want the "old Avril" back. Yet some say they like the "new Avril" better. But Avril is Avril, and she isn't willing to change who she is for anyone. My opinion is I do like her old music/style better. And I don't think she matured. But she did change. But I will be a Avril Lavigne fan forever. Been here since Complicated still her for What the hell.
Some random person: I want the old Avril Lavigne back!! She had better music/style!!

Another random person: Avril Lavigne is Avril Lavigne she changed. Everyone changes! She grew up! Get over it! let "old Avril" go!
by MusicLover40059 June 11, 2011

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