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Formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by members Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Brendon Urie, and Brent Wilson, P!atd is commonly refered to as a "pop-punk" and/or " punk-rock" band. Brent Wilson, former basist, who was in the band for a very short time, left and was replaced by Jon Walker. Later in 2009, Ryan Ross (guitarist) and Jon Walker (basist) left due to creative differences and formed The Young Veins. Two albums were made with Ross and Walker; A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, and Pretty. Odd. The two albums are widely different from each other. After Ross and Walker left, vocalist Brendon Urie, and drummer Spencer Smith, created the album Vices and Virtues. Many people stereotype them to be "listened to by 13 year olds who don't know what real music is, and"emo kids." Recently, Panic!'s song "Ready To Go" has been feautured in TV commercials, causing the band to become more mainstream. Although you don't have to listen to them since the beginning when they were originally formed, it would help if you know other songs then just the ones that play on the radio and TV.
Person 1: I just started listening to Panic! At The Disco last week, and I think they're really good! Camisado is my favorite song.

Person 2: Yeah I know! I love the album Pretty. Odd.

"Poser" Person 3: Yeah! I don't know the album names but I LOVE I Write Sins, Not Tragedies, and Ready To Go. They play on the radio all the time!
by MusicLover000 August 12, 2012
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The variably long state not unlike Hypnagogia in which someone is listening to loud music (likely though headphones) and becomes consciously unaware of his surroundings, zoning out into the music he is listening to. May be accompanied by blank stares and completely relaxed muscles.
Guy1: "Hey, what's up?"
Guy2: *Stares blankly in the distance, completely reclined, music blaring loudly even away from his headphones.*
Guy1: *Pokes Guy2* "What's wrong with you."
Guy2: *Snaps to consciousness.* "Way to ruin my Music Coma."
Guy1: "..."
by MusicLover000 February 11, 2011
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