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The proper term for a silencer, a cylindrical or occasionally rectangular device that attaches to the end of a firearm or is sometimes built into it, to "suppress", or reduce the sound signature of the muzzle blast, thus making the weapon significantly quieter. Requires subsonic ammunition for proper sound reduction. The device itself consists of a tube that attaches to the weapon, usually by threads or a fast-attach device and has any number of designs of baffles, ballistic wipes or mesh to trap and disperse the hot expanding gas, so that it is at a much lower pressure when it leaves the unit, which reduces noise signature and flash. Often, water, lithium grease or coolant are added to "wet" suppressors, to make quieter by further cooling the gases. Revolvers can't be suppressed, but many semi-automatic handguns and most rifles can, with the proper barrels, tuning and ammunition.

Common tool for special operations personnel and assassins for covert elimination of enemies or targets, government agents and SWAT teams for raids, hunters in Europe for noise control and American ranchers and civilian hobbyists who pay a $200 BATFE tax stamp. Popular with more sophisticated criminals as well, who obtain or produce them illegally.
"Okay, with my USP 9mm Compact, custom titanium suppressor and subsonic hollowpoints, the loudest noise these terrorist fucks are gonna hear is a pop, the slide cycling, the round slamming into the hostile's skull and his body hitting the floor. Works for me..." (Jack Bauer kicks the door kicks in, terrorist's head blows out, body hits the ground and craps its pants)

Suppressed .22s, the world's finest pest elimination tool, are so damn quiet that you practically can't hear them, so that nobody around you will know what happened when I shoot you with it and you suddenly fall dead. Food for thought.

Suppressed automatic weapons are some of the most fun that you will ever have with your pants up. Highly recommended, especially for terrified, reality-avoiding liberals who think that everything down to sharp pencils and cocks over 5 inches should be banned. "Oh Jesus, this is so much fun! Quick, somebody call the politicians to pass more laws to save me from myself, before I start thinking for myself again!"
by Mushroom Cloud Dropper December 13, 2009

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Any and all of the fucking retarded douchebags that constitute half of America who, despite the fact that there is nobody in front of them, insist on going 10 to 20 miles an hour below the speed limit in the passing lane on the highway, blocking everyone behind them in traffic and creating gridlock. These hemorrhoids in everyone else's collective ass also slow down when you blink your lights to pass them, screwing you over even worse and will often then speed up along side you when you are forced to pass them on the right. People who cut you off when you're in the passing lane and in a hurry just to pull this shit are super fucktards and deserve to be beaten. People who stop at an intersection and wait 30 seconds to a minute to pull out when there is nobody else coming, but you're stuck behind them and then cop an attitude when you honk your horn are obnoxious fucktards as well and also deserve to be headbutted, kicked in the balls or punched in the face.
Goddamned fucktards going 20 below the speed limit in the passing lane! This country is going to hell, sooner or later these people are going to have to be shot or the rest of us are doomed, because these retards keep breeding like rabbits. Welcome to the fucking idiocracy.
by Mushroom Cloud Dropper November 21, 2009

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