3 definitions by Mur

'Butt' as in 'butt ugly'. The look of the typical faithful shopper at Whole Foods or Wild Oats natural foods markets. Ragged looking, unkempt appearance, foul odor and lethargic facial expression and movements. Can often be seen hanging out and eating in the store. They're so healthy they look like hell.
"I was in line at Whole Foods between a Trustafarian and a Yuppie. The bagger would have been real cute, if she weren't so Butt Healthy."
by Mur March 6, 2007
1. Group of extremely stylish, weed smoking females.
2. Magical ladies.
3. Not your average white girls.
"Damn, did you see them fly bitches? They was runnin wit The Maj."
by Mur April 27, 2007