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Afrikaans style hip-hop music. Drawing strongly from UK rave and grime culture, Zef rap-rave is led by South African super group Die Antwoord. You really just have to listen/see for yourself to fully understand...

dieantwoord dot com
o fokken die antwoord make only the full on fokken batty brain zef rap-rave shit, yea

dieantwoord dot com is the best example on the web
by MUNTZ February 08, 2010

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to bullshit or ripoff someone. usually involves a great deal of jaw flapping. flim flam bamboozle
damn bro, you just got jim jangle'd by that homeless guy.
by MUNTZ October 19, 2008

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Catching someone's fart and putting it in their own face
Clint caught marks chocky ripple (fart) and put it in marks face
by Muntz November 22, 2013

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