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Tasteless dance moves used to: a) completely ruin a friendly gathering, b) scare off predators, and c) summon demons.

A proper cactus dance can be described as standing as awkwardly straight as possible, bending the elbows at 90 degrees (much like a large cactus), and facing knees in the same direction, also heavily bent. You want to retain the position as closely as possible while flailing the arms and shifting the hips so the knees sway back and forth.

While executing these moves, just remember nobody brings it like you do. This dance successfully ends when the dancer is hit over the head with a heavy blunt object.
a) "Mary, your son is doing the cactus dance again..."

b) "Beware, I know the cactus dance."

c) Zach: "Darren, I really don't think its working."
Darren: "Just give me a another hour, we'll be having beers with Nosferatu in no time."
by Mungman November 22, 2007

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The call of the Tard and the Bane of the pool player. Usually yelled right before a pool player strikes a cue ball to screw them up. It works every time.
Zach: Man, I am gonna sink this one for sink this one for sure. (Aims at cue ball)
Zach misses, scratches table, kills self.
by Mungman November 22, 2007

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