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A character from fairy tail the anime or the meaning of rain in Spanish.
Juvia and Grey go very well together or Mira esta juvia.
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by Ms.FairyTail February 22, 2019

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A carefree, fun, wonderful , and a wee bit crazy person but that's what makes her great that's what makes her not worth losing.

An Allinson will stick by you though thick and thin and will never let you down as long as you keep them by your side losing an Allinson would be the worst decision of your life.

Allinson is someone who you can rely on and is a great friend and girlfriend she help no matter what because that's what matters to her she may become jealous sometimes but as long as you show her you're determined to be hers she won't anymore.

Allinsons are great people and if you have one in your life don't lose her.
Don't let go of an Allinson!
by Ms.FairyTail June 08, 2020

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