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A being with need of blood for sustenance and an affliction to the sun.

There are several different kinds of vampires.

Morroi is the most rare. It is when a pregnant woman gets bit and her child lives. Said child is moroii and is self-feeding.

Stragoii would be the example of the mother who was bitten.

Lamia is a long reaching family of vampires where each generation is, in fact vampiric.

Stragoii and Lamia are both stronger than made vampires and moroii. They often have superstrength and some sort of mind connect to other beings.

According to several sources, being made vampire takes up three days and is often extremely painful. The process sometimes only requires being bit once. Other times it the victim must be exchange blood with blood mate once everyday for the period of three days.

The victim often becomes disoriented and slightly maddened during the process.

Vampires are able to lure their prey quite easliy through talents and sometimes a special body secretion that is irresistable to all other living beings.They're prey comes practically willing.

Most vampires live in covens or families.
The Vampires disappeared under the veil of night as quickly as they had appeared.
by Ms. K.G.H August 26, 2008

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