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cruddie - A jealous fankled biatch who resides in the darkside playing 13 yr old games with other 13 yr old fankled biatches.
"Those cruddies are such skanky biatches. Ewwwwww!"
by Ms. Hott June 25, 2004

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THE place where the "IN" crowd goes to chat up a storm when they are board and not busy with their fulfilling lives as wife/mom/student/professional, unlike the haven where all the rejects of the board go to commiserate over their failures in life.
I go to the "big thread" to chat with all the great gifted gals there when time permits from my busy schedule.

The women of the "big thread" are so smart, intelligent and beautiful.
by Ms. Hott June 28, 2004

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A loyal, wonderful friend of Marshcloud who understands and enjoys her wisdom and intelligence (unlike thecruddieswho continuously bash her for pointing out the true facts of a discussion).
"I wish I was like those marshkewannabees, they are so sweet, smart, sexy and intelligent. They have it all. It's no fair!"

"Too bad we're just a bunch of old skanks who reside in the darksideto back stab all the marshkewannabees"

"OH, if they only knew our ages and what we really looked like, the noobs and little boys would run for the hills and go join the marshkewannbees!- The cool group on fox forums.

"I pray tonight god will answer my prayers and make me a marshkewannabee!"
by Ms. Hott June 26, 2004

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