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A molly is the purest form of ecstasy (MDMA). The appearance of this drug is typically white in color (for the big ballers who splurge and purchase a drug that has not been "stepped on." Beige or yellowish color indicates that the drug is not the purest... it's been stepped on. There are several stupid individuals that use this DRUG as a way to "turn-up." These stupid individuals engaging in consuming a molly because this pill makes them high and party. It is an energy booster. While the molly is fresh in these stupid people's body- they feel great however, once they come off of their high, they typically experience boredom in more extreme ways than smarter individuals who did not engage in this drug consumptions. Another side effect of this drug is sweating an abnormal more than usual.
Rappers typically refer to the consumption of this drug by stating "pop tha molly."
The latest song that is on the radio as of 2013 that uses the phrase pop the molly is - Trinidad James "Pop the molly, I'm sweatin.

Example: "Ay, look at that dude over there... he sweatin like shit. He must have tha molly. Dumbass"
by MrsMcGhee2you January 09, 2013

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