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Sam and Colby started out as just two band camp boys and have accelerated greatly on vine putting them on the top of the world. Sam and Colby both live in Kansas. The two boys are very inspirational people from their attitudes towards the world, to the quotes they share on twitter. Sam and Colby's fame started rocketing upwards when they posted a vine titled "Following Fat People". The boys still post many hilarious and relatable posts on vine. For a short period of time Sam and Colby were posting vines (about 2 or 3) that they claimed as unoriginal. They decided to only make vines that are unique and thought of by themselves. Their unique vines is what makes them loved by many on vine. They are not only loved just for their vines but for their personalities, humor, inspiration, support, and their good looks of course. Sam and Colby's plan is to travel the world. They love that they have started off with touring around the U.S.A and meeting their fans. Where will Sam and Colby be in

a few years from now? "Onward and Upward" of course.
Woah who are they?
Sam and Colby of course!
by Mrs. Golbrock October 19, 2014

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