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Pocono Mountain East High School is a place located in Swiftwater, PA. Let's get one thing straight: The school doesn't suck--the people do. Most (if not all) the girls are skanky, and spend most of their time on their knees rather than studying. The boys pretend they like girls when most of them are busy messaging the gay kid on myspace for a hook-up. And best of all is the administration. They're simply a bunch of hypocrites. They say one thing and do another. It's seriously a hot mess. Graduating from this school means you're nowhere NEAR facing the real world, because the curriculum is a joke, and the only thing the school focuses on are those annoying PSSA scores.
Boy: Jeeze, I'm so tired of PSSA's, skanky girls, and closet-cases!
Girl: Damn, you must go to Pocono Mountain East.
by MrRelevance March 25, 2011
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